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KOYUDO WCS eyeshadow brush L, almondshape,white Canadian squirrel,by Yoshiki

KOYUDO WCS eyeshadow brush L, almondshape,white Canadian squirrel,by Yoshiki

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In early 2022, we collaborated with Koyudo to produce two WCS eyeshadow brushes. They featured the brush shapes of BP029 and BP033 with handles adorned with the Makie Momiji pattern. Although they sold out quickly, I still feel some regret to this day. Because at that time, I didn‘t fully understand the characteristics of WCS hair, so the WCS versions of BP029 and BP033 were not as fluffy and round as the grey squirrel versions, especially BP033, which appeared comparatively thin compared to the grey squirrel version.

After some trial and error learning, the improved version of BP029 WCS was born. I increased the layers of bristles, making it suitable for applying powder across the eyelids’ width, allowing for better color coverage. Then, I sharpened the angle of the brush head so that when used upright, it could handle details around the inner and outer corners of the eyes. I increased the thickness of the bristles without changing the quantity, but by adjusting the compression scale of the ferrule, I transformed the brush from flat to round, enhancing the flexibility and agility of the bristles‘ movements.

WCS itself pairs well with matte powders and fine pearls. I hope that through this brush redesign, WCS‘s advantages can be fully utilized, making it a more useful brush.


hair length :18mm

ferrule wide:11mm


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Anu Desai
KOYUDO WCS Eyeshadow Brush L: Elevating Your Makeup Game with White Canadian Squirrel Hair

The KOYUDO WCS Eyeshadow Brush L, crafted by the renowned Yoshiki, is a masterpiece in the realm of makeup tools. Featuring exquisite white Canadian squirrel hair, this brush epitomizes luxury and performance. Its almond-shaped design offers impeccable precision, allowing for seamless blending and effortless application of eyeshadow. The bristles are incredibly soft, delivering a heavenly sensation as they glide across the skin. Whether you're creating a subtle everyday look or a dramatic, smokey eye, this brush effortlessly picks up and deposits pigment with finesse. Its ergonomic handle ensures comfort and control, making it a joy to use. Investing in the KOYUDO WCS Eyeshadow Brush L is a decision you won't regret—it's a true game-changer in your makeup routine, elevating your artistry to new heights.


This brush is gorgeous it also applies matte shadows and blends and also can be used for shimmers it’s very versatile.