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KOYUDO face brush 3D Angle,high grade saikoho,spring limited edition

KOYUDO face brush 3D Angle,high grade saikoho,spring limited edition

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Hello friends. Yesterday we hinted at the new brush with high grade saikoho, and today we‘ll share the details.
What makes this brush special is that it combines 3D and angled features together.
It features the rounded and full layers of a 3D brush, as well as the angled contouring brush that fits the contours of the cheekbones.
Its curve resembles a parabola, starting from its longest at 40mm and gradually shortening to 1mm.
Its powder picking surface can be very flexible from line to surface, suitable for contouring, bronzing, setting powder, and some highlighter. Perhaps there are even more uses waiting for you to explore.
We’ve used a black-to-red gradient handle, and to welcome spring, we‘ve adorned the handle with sakura blossoms.
Hopefully, the high grade saikoho will also make you feel the gentle breeze of spring on your face.

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Customer Reviews

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This brush can be used as a bronzer brush or a powder brush or anything you can imagine and the design is outstanding, I would love another one.


This is my favorite brush in my collection. I use this brush almost every day for all over face powder. The goat hair really is superior, it's somehow shinier and softer than my other Saikoho goat hair fude brushes. My skin is really sensitive, and so far this brush hasn't made me itchy at all. The artistic detail on the handle is so luxe, making it a pleasure to use. Worth the money!