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KOYUDO bobodo series eyeshadow brush,Red Canadian squirrel mix high grade saikoho

KOYUDO bobodo series eyeshadow brush,Red Canadian squirrel mix high grade saikoho

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In 2022, we developed and produced WCS eyeshadow brushes mixed with Saikoho hair, which received great feedback. This year, we plan to try a new formula—RCS(red Canadian squirrel)hair mix Saikoho.

No.1 is relatively thick and large, suitable for laying down a wide range of colors as a base on the eyes, or for erasing excess color in a small area like an eraser.

hair length:16mm

ferrule wide:10.5mm


No.2 is a regular shading eyeshadow brush, with a front resembling a small shovel and a side view resembling a flattened almond. It can be used for small-scale layering and for contouring the lower eyelid.

hair length:11mm

ferrule wide:11.5mm


No.3 will have two versions. The one included in the set will be the 10mm fur length version I planned, and there will also be a separately sold 12mm hair length version with improvements by Yoshiki.

I am deeply grateful for Master Yoshiki‘s improvement because rcs hair itself is very elastic. After mixing with saikoho, if the hair length is too short, the base of the brush will appear stiff, greatly affecting the flexibility of the brush. With the increase in hair length, we can not only use the semi-spherical tip for layering but also utilize it for blending, deepening the eye tail, or blending the lower eyelid for a smoky look.

Therefore, I have also improved the 10mm version I planned by leaving a bit of space inside the mouthpiece to allow for easier flexibility of the fur at the base.

hair length:10mm/12mm

ferrule wide/thickness:8mm

No.4  is a blending brush, used for small-scale blending in eyelid creases or for blending outside the contour color.

hair length:16mm

ferrule wide/thickness:6mm

No.5 is an angled eyeliner brush, with a blend of rcs and saikoho for a soft skin-like feel, providing precise lines. Its limitation is that it cannot be used with cream products.

hair length:4-6.5mm

ferrule wide:6mm


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Customer Reviews

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Wow!! Soft, silky and functional!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Wow. I feel so lucky to have this set!!

Mixing goat with red canadian squirrel hair is genius. RCS is more resilient and has better product pickup than other squirrel hairs. The hairs are silky soft. But mixing with goat gives excellent blending power, too.

I picked up the set. Love seeing all of the shapes that Bobo designed with Master Yoshiki.

My stand out favorite is No.1, though I will use the heck out of all of them!! No.1 is versatile - can be used for laying down pigment throughout the eye, but turn it on its side and it's an excellent blender. No.2 is wider and thinner than other brushes I have with a similar shape. I was skeptical I'd like it but WOW. Perfect for applying shimmer on my mobile lid and adding color to the lower lash line. No.3 is a perfect bullet - I have so many of these (including the one made by Bobo that is WCS/goat blend in the same handle) and they are so comfortable to use to smoke out the lower lash line or brighten the inner corner. No.4 is described as a blending brush, but it's a bit small and airy. I used this to deepen up the outer corner and it did so in the softest best way possible. Last, but not least, No.5 - the angled eyeliner brush. Eyeshadow liner is my jam, and this did a great job with it. It's not razor thin, so the line is soft, but it did a great job deepening the lash line and it feels so soft and gentle for this sensitive area of my eyes.

Also - those handles. 😍😍😍 I can't get enough of the black to red gradient. It's simple yet sleek and sophisticated. Perfect length for a handle, too.

Finally, I love the box! That owl!! 🦉 Gah. So cute.

Hats off to Bobo for making this set. Highly recommend.

Future request - we need a denser/fuller crease brush please. 😁