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Eihodo powder brush,gray squirrel, Soft, elastic, and airy sensation.

Eihodo powder brush,gray squirrel, Soft, elastic, and airy sensation.

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This loose powder brush is crafted using Grey Squirrel hair from over a decade to twenty years ago. It's very dense with ample bristle volume, yet it doesn't feel stiff; it retains an airy quality. It truly feels like a gentle breeze against the skin.

Bristle type: Gray squirrel
Brush length: 20cm
Bristle length: 50m

ferrule wide:30mm




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Customer Reviews

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Yumi Arocha
Wonderful multi-functional powder brush

I’ve now used this brush to apply my bronzer, finishing powder, and even my blush! The aged hair has more spring and is able to grab decent amount of pigments in one swipe! I also feel that it does not get oily/dirty as fast as some of my other gray squirrel powder brushes that requires more frequent washing. I highly recommend this powder brush.

Elissa Cox
So soft and plush

I am surprised this hasn’t sold out, it is exactly what I wanted in a grey squirrel powder brush from when I first discovered fude. Extremely soft bristles, slightly softer than those usually available. And Eihodo have not skimped on bristles, you are getting a LOT with this brush. It is also a very sturdy brush, and you don’t have to hesitate to actually use it, unlike some others with more delicate handles. And now this brush also comes with an engraved handle, an embellishment that elevates the whole brush, for those who were wondering at the aged hairs being paired with a plain handle. Seriously, don’t sleep on this, buy it.