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KOYUDO high grand Saikoho goat,cheek/highlight brush,flame-flat ,by Yoshiki

KOYUDO high grand Saikoho goat,cheek/highlight brush,flame-flat ,by Yoshiki

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This brush was once referred to as a substitute for the WG air brush. We crafted it using high-grade saikoho, known for its softness and elasticity, emphasizing a brush that imparts an airy feeling to the bristles.

Bristle type: high grand saikoho
Brush length: 163mm
Bristle length: 31mm
Bristle width/thickness: 14 x 11mm


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Customer Reviews

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I was curious to compare this one with my wayne goss air-brush. The brush is shaped and bundled very similar, however this brush has more hair in the ferrule. And because it is made with a different hair type, it behaves quite differently, it is able to grab more powder and the application is tad bit heavier. I prefer to powder around my nose, forehead, and laughing lines with this brush and prefer wg air-brush for my under-eyes. I could also see myself using this brush with the cream blush. This is a lovely brush to use!


Wow, this brush is fantastic! I’m blown away at just how soft it is.. the tips are very translucent and delicate, and dare I say, rivals many a brush made of saibikoho. It’s that soft. Yet it still picks up powder extremely well, especially harder to pick up product like gelée, which is why I purchased it as well as the silver fox and Kolinsky version. They’re all great and serve their different purposes perfectly. The shape is also lovely- it’s very versatile and is great for more detailed work on the face. I use it for highlighting, setting my under eyes and t-zone, and with the saikoho version, I tried it with a cream blush today and it works beautifully. Although I have this brush shape now in the saikoho, fox, and kolinsky, I will almost certainly buy a backup of this particular brush because I like it that much. Fantastic little brush:) Thanks so much Bobo!!♥️

Kathy Lynn Cue

KOYUDO highlight Saikoho goat,cheek/highlight brush,flame-flat ,by Yoshiki