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KOYUDO High-grade Saikoho goat Cheek/Highlight Brush by Yoshiki

KOYUDO High-grade Saikoho goat Cheek/Highlight Brush by Yoshiki

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 This mini blush/highlight brush was designed by me and Master Yoshiki from KOYUDO. In practical use, I found that a beautiful eye makeup would sometimes become flawed over time due to sebum secretion, sweating, or dry skin, resulting in powder caking and creasing around the under-eye area, making wrinkles more visible and leaving a tired appearance.

 However, brushes that are too large lack precision in handling makeup details. Therefore, there is a need for a small and delicate makeup brush that can be used for setting under-eye makeup. Moreover, this brush should also be able to pick up matte highlight powder to brighten sunken areas of the face, visually giving the entire face a collagen-rich appearance.

 We have chosen high-grade saikoho for this brush, which has a silky touch and offers both elasticity and resilience. Unlike Takeda's EXS wool, it is less prone to breakage. I can talk to you for a long time about the saikoho classification at KOYUDO. I have never seen a craftsman like Master Yoshiki who meticulously categorizes wool in such a way.

Bristle type: High-grade Saikoho goat
Brush length: 170mm
Bristle length: 25mm
Bristle width/thickness: 20 x 7mm

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Customer Reviews

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Jean Loi
Worth the investment

Amazingly soft and blend beautifully. One of my favourite brush

Perfect brush for under-eye setting!

This is going to become one of my all time favorite under-eye setting brushes. The softness is truly high grade saikoho goat and the elasticity is amazing! It has similar characteristics to saibikoho but more strength. The density and shape was so well thought out as well. The photo of me holding the brush is post wash. I love the way it bloomed. I’m highly considering a back up of this brush. Highly recommend!

Perfect under eye and detail brushes

Gorgeous and perfect brushes for creams, liquids, and powders. These are great for detailing and under eye powdering. The hairs are beautiful and close to saibikoho, but yet resilient like saikoho.