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KOYUDO Limited edition SAKURA brush,face powder brush,blue fox

KOYUDO Limited edition SAKURA brush,face powder brush,blue fox

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Its hard to describe

This is by far the most expensive brush I own and also the first brush made with silver fox hair. And I dont regret the splurge at all.
This is a dense but still the most silky-soft cloudlike dream to use. For me, its a new level of softness, even compared to gray/blue squirrel fude brushes. And the makie is so pretty, its a pure piece of art.

As for usage, its slightly big for a blush but I can, if I want, use only this for basically my whole face. I like it best for buffing/finishing or setting powder thou. The dense but very flowy softness are just perfect for this.
Oh and after washing it puffed out quite a bit, just like I was hoping. The before and after pictures below are slightly different lighting but its just to se the difference.

Gorgeous Buffing Brush!

It’s super soft, silky, yet dense. It’s perfect for buffing out bronzer and powder foundation. It’s not too big and not too small for my preference.


This brush is simply gorgeous! The blue fox is incredibly soft and dense- but not so dense that it’s too hard to work with. It’s the perfect density, a perfect little floofball;) and the length (40mm) is just right. This one I think is my favorite out of all the different versions that came out, though they all have wonderful individual qualities that I appreciate so much. And the makie- oh, the makie is beautiful, especially over such gorgeous lacquer work. Thank you so much, Bobo for bringing us such lovely treasures to enjoy! It’s always such a pleasure working with you, you truly set the bar in every aspect. I absolutely love getting my packages from you- the gifts you include are always so cute and sweet.. it’s like Christmas morning every time:)🥰