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KOYUDO silver fox Eyeshadow brush M Makie handle By Yoshiki

KOYUDO silver fox Eyeshadow brush M Makie handle By Yoshiki

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Silver Fox
The finest brush using rare and valuable silver fox hair

Silver Fox has the softness of high-grade squirrel hair and the strength of goat hair.
We carefully select the hairs with the deepest and darkest shades of silver and black, which are considered to be the best quality hairs. The hair feels silky and smooth on the skin and produces a natural sheen on the skin.

The pointed tip of the bristles, like a calligraphy brush, allows you to apply eyeshadow beautifully to even the smallest details around the eyes.

The shaft is made of cherry wood, and the "maki-e" of autumn leaves pattern is a gem expressing a sense of luxury.
Please experience the unique and exquisite world of Silver Fox.

Brush length: 115mm
Bristle length: 15mm
Bristle shape: sharp point
Bristle type: Silver Fox

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Customer Reviews

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This has quickly become one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes. The bristles are as soft as a cloud but pick up and blend eyeshadow beautifully. I use it to lay down and blend on the mobile lid and to deepen and blend in the crease. In addition, the handle of this brush is stunning. Grab it while it's still in stock!!


This is the perfect lower lash eyeshadow brush

Amazing eye brush!

I'm so pleased with this brush! The size and shape made me think I would only use it like a larger pencil brush, and I can use it like a pencil brush. But the fox hairs make it so versatile. It can pack on shadows in the outer corner, blend through the crease and smudge on the lower lash line. Or even highlight the inner corner. No to mention how gorgeous the handle is.
Highly recommend!!!

Such a versatile, amazing brush!

This brush has truly quickly become one of my all time favorite eye brushes in my entire fude collection! The shape, size and pointed tip - allows me to deepen the crease with ease & also apply a deepening shadow on the outer-v with little to no time blending! The bristles are incredibly silky and luxurious. The maple leaf makie design is just stunning.