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KOYUDO WCS/RCS cheek brush,flat round,white/red Canadian squirrel,by Yoshiki

KOYUDO WCS/RCS cheek brush,flat round,white/red Canadian squirrel,by Yoshiki

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A flat-shaped blush brush with a hair length of 38mm. Made with WCS/RCS bristles.
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Customer Reviews

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Rasha Rezk
Exceptionally soft. Exquisite raden fuiji handle

love love love! Picks up the product and blends them like a dream... best contour brush ever! So happy I discovered Bobo fude and brushes. The prompt delivery to the UK, and the beautiful packing are beyond amazing! Thank you, Bobo!!

Love this brush!!!

This WCS Koyudo Blush brush is really nice! The hair is so incredibly silky smooth. I noticed in the most recent years, WCS hair isn’t as bright white at the tips, as it used to be. BUT this does NOT affect the performance whatsoever. In fact, I find this current hair batch incredibly silky smooth. I love the feel it has. If you have sensitive skin, dry skin etc. you will adore this brush! I noticed another reviewer not being happy about the brush being the size they thought it would be, but WCS/ RCS blush brushes are never typically going to be the size of some other hair types such as silver fox, goat, etc. It’s a much more rare hair type. Plus, WCS/ RCS hair is very resilient anyways. Don’t let this smaller but mighty brush fool you! In my opinion, this brush works great! I adore the Lotus Raden handle too. In person, the shift is really lovely and it looks stunning on the black handle. (Picture below of this blush brush, next to my 55mm WCS.) Thank you BoBo! Very grateful for you always giving us such great brushes to use and enjoy!!

Stacey B
It’s disappointing for the price

I wanted a fluffy WCS in a cheek size because I prefer blush brushes over powder brushes and I love the bristle type. This brush was incredibly small and did not bloom the way I hoped. It’s high quality but because it’s so small and unfortunately “sleek”, it’s not what I wanted. For the price I paid, it leaves me with regrets.


Exquisite wcs combined with the long red makie handle is such a joy to hold. This brush is truly a gem. It’ll be cherished for years to come!